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A little about me: Hello, My name is Eric. Welcome to my page, and thank you for visiting. Plese feel free to click through and learn about me and my work. I have several photos that have come out of events I've attended in various places, mainly in the Chicagoland Area. If you are interested in my work and would like to use my services, please click on the "Contact" link for more details and to learn about other photographers in the Chicagoland Area. Click on the "Folio" link at the top to see the various photos I've done from various events. I work primarily in the Chicagoland Area.

I am an amateur photographer that works primarily in Information Technology. My main site is You can learn more about my other interests and hobbies there.

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My main "Title" website has been changed completely. Enjoy the new look which emphasizes all my creative, technical and professional facets. domain re-registered for the year 2016 with DynDNS, DuoCircle and RapidSSL.


My Own Fame in My Own Frame
Everyone wants their own 15 minutes of fame. How about one frame of fame? It lasts forever. I've dubbed this my photography motto.


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New Photography Site. I have started designing my own Photography Portfolio. I've begun with the main page -- text, pictures and links.

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My Philosophy

You have only one frame. What is your story? “My Own Fame on My Own Frame” is my photography motto. Everyone has their own interpretation as to what it is. I think many fail to see the art, its purpose or meaning in it, and we just shoot at anything. In a society so obsessed with selfies, or their “camera” phones, what really is photography? We have the feature on our phones, but have you stopped and considered and made photography part of your soul? What thought actually goes into your photo? In a nutshell, to me, photography is a single framed story. You have only one single frame, what story are you going to tell? Your eyes tell one story, but what story does one single frame tell? It puts the whole big picture into perspective. Ha, pun intended. I am an amateur photographer, but growing up, my Dad was my teacher primarily; he’s a professional photographer and videographer. I learned cameras with film before the digital revolution. I learned how to load a camera, wind the film, set your film speed (ASA), white balance, etc. Most of all, he taught me the “stops of light” – exposure time (shutter speed), aperture (f stops), film speed, and getting good depth of field in shots. He focused greatly on many aspects of photography like the science and composition but, most of all, the art in photos.

I have wholeheartedly gotten back into the hobby of photography. Belayed for most of my life, I finally invested in a nice camera recently and started shooting again. Actually, the camera was vacation pay from my previous job, lol. “Your phone is not a camera,” my Dad has stated repeatedly. He’s very old school when it comes to photography. So, getting back into photography, I’ve joined several photography meetup groups in Chicago like “Chicagoland Digital Photography,” “Chicago Streets and Beyond Photography” and “1001 Things to See in Chicago Before you Die.” The last group is one that I regularly host. I’ve participated in several events that involve everyone honing their photo-taking skills. You quickly learn from each other. You can practice your skills and learn how to use your camera at the same time. Together with these meetups, I’ve met other photographers, and have learned a lot. We shoot anything in Chicago to scenery, architecture, street photography, and much more. Some of the events we have done are “One L of a Ride” with the L trains, Chinese New Year Parade, Chiditarod X, Chicago River, and various other neighborhood walks in Chicago. You get a lot of practice; I’m still learning my camera and how to set it up according to how much light is available.

You quickly learn how to manually setup your camera, especially in limited light. It becomes an art. There is always that challenge in shooting. How far are you willing to go to get that perfect shot? I’ve learned that lesson in the awe of nature, and we must learn to respect nature, our subjects, and show a little humility. One photo shoot I did of our beautiful city this past winter, I quickly learned that lesson. I almost fell into a frozen over Lake Michigan. So, the next time you take a picture, whether with your own camera or even on your phone, think about what story you are telling in your shot. Give it some depth and thought. Happy Chicago....with your camera!

Randolph & Wacker IPsoft Newsletter - July 2015

Cleveland Photographer and Indie Movie Producer

Richard Trigg and TriggFX Productions "My Own Fame in My Own Frame" would like to feature a very close and talented friend, Richard Trigg. He is Producer, Writer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor and Effects Artist at TriggFX Production located in Garfield Heights, Ohio. He is a devoted father and husband, and we've been friends for such a lllooonnnggg time, longer than a roll of toilet paper. The longer than toilet paper thing taken to the extreme.

Having viewed some of these films on Rich's YouTube site, I am just taken back at the talent and the detail put into his work. I encourage you to go to Rich's YouTube site and watch some of his work. Currently, Rich is producing "Reflected" and trying to get into his career. I have encouraged him to look outside Cleveland for work. I told him that I had to do that. I wasn't finding any work in Cleveland. He's broadened his job search to Chicago, Houston and California. If you are reading this and can help him out, open the link to his website and contact him. He is a talent in the making and I would love to see him succeed in this venue. We've been friends forever and ever. So, if you can help him out, contact him today. I've already offered my apartment to him if he decides on coming to Chicago. He has a loving wife and six wonderful children, and MY old cat, Tigger, lol! I spent Christmas with his family last year and it was a blessing to see him, his wife Kelly again, and his six kids.

Rich is a talented Photographer and Editor. His work is extraordinary with such a depth and spark of vibrancy. You can learn more about him and his work on his website, Trigg FX. Learn more about him with these links

Richard Trigg Productions.
TriggFX Productions.

A gust of August - August 2013

For more information planning your photography events, contact him in Greater Cleveland Area!

Photo Shoot Itinerary 2016


Solar Eclipse
155 N. Wacker, Chicago IL. Co-workers. This isn't a planned event. I designated a day where co-workers were on a mutual break to take photos. We were anticipating a view of the Solar Eclipse that day. Chicago was supposed to get view of part of the eclipse just near sunset. We weren't fortunate enough to partake of the event. It was a nice time though to get photographs of my co-workers.


TriggFX Forced

Garfield Park, Garfield Hts OH. "TriggFX," "Tony Time" and "My Own Fame in My Own Frame" productions. I will be working with both TriggFX and Tony Time productions, and shoot in Garfield Park. our theme is "forced perspective." Photo Models: Angel Miller and Dominic Seals.


Chicago Skyline
The Adler Planetarium Lawn, 1300 S. LSD. Walk & Roll Theme. I'm working with Ira Meinhofer and American Cancer Society for the Walk and Roll fundraiser. We are shooting the Chicago Skyline at sunset. If you're interested in the event and working with me, please contact me. Walk & Roll is a family friendly fundraising event to benefit the American Cancer Society. Beginning in Chicago in 1971 as a bike-a-thon, Walk & Roll is a unique “party with a purpose” that brings our community together in the fight against cancer.


Chicago River Bridge Lifts
373 W. Van Buren Street, Chicago IL. Van Buren Street Bridge. I will be shooting the annual bridge lifts with Alex Braverman, Rich Kolar, 1001 Things To See In Chicago Before You Die and Chicago Streets and Beyond Photography. Hosted between myself and and Rich Kolar. Event Details: Chicago River Bridge Lifts


One L of a Ride
121 W. Van Buren Street, Chicago IL. CTA LaSalle/Van Buren Station (Brown Line). Spend a day with others experiencing Chicago's CTA public transportation which commuters, tourists and residents in Chicago ride each day. I will be shooting the event with Rich Kolar and Chicago Streets and Beyond Photography. Event also hosted through 1001 Things To See In Chicago Before You Die


Happy Birthday Me
This Site's Completion deadline. Hopefully, by this time, I'll have a complete Online Photo Portfolio. This will include a fully functional online portfolio for friends, family and for prospective customers to reference.