02.08.2015 at Fullerton Avenue Beach. How far will you go?

I snapped this photo of Chicago in sub-zero weather near the thralls of a frozen-over Lake Michigan...

This photo has become one of my hallmarks in photography. It reminds me of my own mortality. When asked about the story behind the photo, I said this: "This was taken just north of North Avenue beach. I was standing on a small, narrow strip of land that extended out into Lake Michigan. It was below freezing out, and I was standing on a pile of snow and ice on that small strip of land. I took several shots, almost slipped into Lake Michigan, and that day I learned my lesson about going too far for a photo. It reminds me of that scene in Superman III when Jimmy Olsen daringly climbs up a ladder into a fire to get a good vantage point. My picture reminds me to be careful, humble and show humility in the face of nature even with its finest colors." How far will you go to get the perfect shot? We as photographers ask that question on occasion. What is too far? How daring are you? I often reflect back to this photo an remember that evening by myself at the Lake. Yeah, Facebook was a happy social medium to let people know where I was at. My friend Richard Trigg did call me that night to check up on me before I told anyone that I nearly slipped into a frozen over Lake Michigan. It goes to show you another thing. If shooting in a daring environmnet by yourself, TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU ARE AT! You can't be too careful sometimes.

Take the challenge! Go to the extreme! Do it with meekness and humilty and awe of nature though. Tread carefully. In photography, we must respect others around us, our environment, our home, our planet. My Own Fame in My Own Frame! Happy shooting!

Eric Chatham.

Photo Shoot Archive

06.18.2015 at Ohio Street Beach. IPsoft Beach Party and Quarterly Event

I did the photo shoot of my company's outing and quarterly event. The photos were used in the monthly meeting notes and the newsletter. There was some touch up done to the photos to bring out the colors. Overall not much post-processing was done. I was shooting with Nikon d7000 in JPEG and primarly in A Mode. Gimp was used to contrast some of the colors. [...]

08.02.2015 at Via Draco Agrenteus. I subscribed to Adobe's Creative Cloud.

I signed up for the monthy subscription to Adobe's Creative Cloud for a monthly fee of $9.95. It includes Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop tools with free updates to the software. I have started using the tools for my photos. [...]

08.05.2015 at Millennium Park. Photo shooting with a Friend.

I did a photo shoot of Millennium Park with a friend and co-worker, Phil Lutovsky. We took photos of The Bean, Jay Prizker Pavilion, Crown Fountain, BP Bridge and much more. We both discussed Flash Photography and how clouds are a great source of "natural diffusion" and how we were missing clouds while we were shooting. I shot mostly in A Mode, but swtched to M Mode at times. I started using LR and PS to post-process my photos. [...]

08.09.2015 at Via Draco Agrenteus. Nikon SB-910 Flash purchased.

I added to some new equipment. I purchased a new flash. I haven't done enough work with Flash Photography, but I am learning and experimenting. The Flash came with soft light box, diffuser set and a remote stand. [...]

08.22.2015 at Buckingham Fountain. A cool evening in Grant Park.

I setup my camera on a tripod at Buckingham Fountain near sunset. I shot mostly in Manual Mode for the night, ranging with various aperature settings. I attempted to get the "smooth" look of the water before sunset by under exposing the shot and slowing the shutter down enough to get that "smooth" look. Later that night, while using LR and PS, I was upset with my shots and the "striated" and "palettized" look of the sky -- a problem that has been reoccuring in most of my shots. I switched to shooting photos in RAW the next day... [...]

09.12.2015 at Buckingham Fountain. Windy City Wine Festival.

I will be photo shooting the Windy City Wine Festival. If you're interested in the event and working with me, please contact me. Event details can be found through 1001 Things to See in Chicago Before you Die. [...]

09.22.2015 at Frank Lloyd Wright Home Touring Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio.

951 Chicago Avenue, Oak Park IL. Frank Lloyd Wright used his first home to experiment with design concepts that contain the seeds of his architectural philosophy. In his adjacent studio, Wright and his associates developed a new American architecture - the Prairie style. Trained interpreters offer insights into Wright's family life and architectural career. [...]

09.27.2015 between Lawrence and Foster Ave Beaches Chicago Full Moon Autumnal Fire Jam.

Sunday bloody moon day. Lawrence and Foster Ave Beaches, Chicago IL The Full Moon Fire and Drum Jam happens every Full Moon during the summer months in Chicago. Started in 2004 by a group of friends celebrating a birthday, the jams have grown in size to accommodate the increasing amount of drummers, fire spinners and families that come to enjoy. The jams are a leave no trace, family event. Fire dancing is a display that is part artistry and part athleticism, inspired by a long tradition of fire performance with roots in South Pacific cultures. The jams take place at the Chicago lakefront park, between Foster and Lawrence Avenues. [...]

10.17.2015 in Hyde Park, Chicago IL Open House Chicago.

The Chicago Architecture Foundation's Open House Chicago is a free public festival that offers behind-the-scenes access to 200 buildings across Chicago. Explore the hidden gems and architectural treasures of Chicago's diverse neighborhoods-all for free. Have you ever walked by a building and thought, I wish I could see what's inside? We had a nice day in Hyde Park and even saw Barack Obama's house near a prominent and beautiful Jewish Temple in Chicago. [...]

02.13.2016 at McCormick Place Convention Center Chicago Auto Show 2016.

All Chicago Auto Show exhibits are held in the McCormick Place complex. Exhibitions include: multiple world and North American introductions; a complete range of domestic and imported passenger cars and trucks; sport utility vehicles; and experimental or concept cars. In total, nearly 1,000 different vehicles will be on display. Additionally, attendees will also have the opportunity to see numerous accessories and auto-related exhibits, competition vehicles and project, antique and collector cars. [...]

02.14.2016 in Chinatown, Chicago IL Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade 2016.

Mark your calendars on Sunday, February 14th to attend the Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade celebrating the Year of the Monkey. The parade begins at 1 pm at 24th and Wentworth featuring dragon and lion dances, floats, marching bands, special groups, performers and the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce's Miss Friendship Ambassadors. [...]

03.05.2016 in Wicker Park, Chicago IL Chiditarod XI.

The Chicago Urban Shopping Cart Race, affectionately known as the CHIditarod, is an annual race through the Wicker Park and Ukrainian Village Chicago neighborhoods, which is now in its 10th year. The date of the event was chosen to coincide with the kickoff of the Alaskan Iditarod. [...]

03.06.2016 at Chicago Botanical Gardens The Orchid Show 2016.

Stave off the winter blues inside the Chicago Botanic Garden's Regenstein Center, where the greenhouses and gallery will be packed with more than 10,000 in-bloom orchids, featuring an array of hybrids. On Saturday and Sundays, the Orchid Marketplace allows you an opportunity to purchase the plants. [...]

03.12.2016 at Lizzie McNeill's Irish Pub 61st Annual Chicago St. Patrick's Day River Dyeing and Parade.

Between Columbus Drive and Michigan Avenue Bridges. Slainte!!! Come join us in a time honored event in Chicago. You know Spring has sprung when St. Patrick’s Day comes to our City. Come join us early on March 12th as the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers dye the Chicago River for the 61st Anniversary, Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade [...]